Saturday, January 2, 2016

House Work Is Hard Work

I hate house work.  But I hate dust more.  There was a time when I was younger, a time when I have an abundance of energy, dusting and cleaning was something I do every weekend.  Everything was in their proper places, any spillage was wiped up immediately and any dirt or dust will be sweep away.  Bed sheets and blankets were washed every weekend and curtains every month.

Then I had my daughter.  After working in the office all day and coming home to take care of her took some of my energy away.  I was already in my forties and I needed help.  So I engaged a domestic maid to help out.  She did all the house work for me.  My house was spic and span, I go to work and earn some money, I come home after work and play with my daughter and we all go out and have a good time during the weekends.  Life was good.  I grew lazy.

As my daughter grew older, I felt that I do not need a lived-in maid anymore.  Everyone I know who has lived-in maids started hiring hourly maids from maid agencies.  It was cheaper and there's no problem like runaway maids, maids who do not know how to use electrical appliances, maids who abuses the elderly or babies and kids etc.  I too engaged one of those hourly maids to keep my house clean.

As the years passed, I grew more and more lazy and housework became more difficult to handle.  As the demands for these hourly maids grew, the fees charged by the agencies became astronomical.  It became too expensive to keep one coming every week to do the cleaning.  When it used to be once a week sessions, it became once a fortnight, then once a month.  Finally, I decided I don't need one anymore.  I started doing my own housework.

Although the heart is willing, the body is having a hard time.  Sweeping takes longer than before and at the end of it, I am sweating like a pig!  Mopping the floors & cleaning the toilets takes my energy away.  At the end of the day after finishing all the chores, I was exhausted. There is no denying it, I DO need domestic help to do all the cleaning.  I just don't have the energy to do it alone.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Another New Year


A brand new year, a brand new chapter.  365 new pages to engrave new memories. 

I have never made any resolutions for new year.  Mainly I think it is a waste of time because I am sure by the second or third month some or if not all, the resolutions would have been abandoned or forgotten due to some reasons or other.  That is why I have never made any.

This year however, I am going to make one.  Only ONE resolution.  One that I will try to achieve and not give up half way.  I am a diabetic and I am on medication for hypertension too.  It has been five years since I found out about my condition and have been taking medication to control it.

Recently I found out that my mom who is also a diabetic, has recovered from diabetes.  Her doctor has conducted some tests and has certified that she is now free from diabetes.  I am very happy to hear about it, and thus is now determine that I shall try to be the same.

So, for this new year and the next 365 days I am going to make sure that I eat healthily, get enough sleep, try to find some time to exercise, keep away from stress and live life as happy as I can.

I will be focus on this ONE resolution, so help me God.